Aversion (Unity3D)

Aversion is a 3D puzzle horror that beat 12 other games on the course to win the “Best Overall Game” award.
The objective is to find all the pieces of a picture and to reassemble them at the end, all while avoiding the horror that roams the rooms.

The game is made up from 9 different levels, with 7 of them being randomly chosen and filled with furniture as you play until all the picture pieces have been found.

The game features heavily on random generation of certain features to make the game more fun and enjoyable, from room layouts to monster paths and item placements, the game will play differently for each person.

Award: Best Overall Game
Role: Programmer
Year: 2013
Platform: Windows
Development Time: 4 Months
Team: 7 – 2 x Programmers, 3 x 3D Artists, 1 x UI Designer, 1 x Bug Tester
Technology: C#, Unity3D
Download: Coming Soon!

Key features of the game:

Picture Puzzle

  • Randomly generated placement of items and furniture in levels
  • Inventory system
  • Unique AI behaviours, like random path finding
  • Hundreds of different possibilities of play-throughs
  • Mini games (Puzzle and hacking)
  • Furniture and items can be interacted with
  • Key cards for doors
  • Achievements

My contributions to the project:

  • Controller Support
  • Achievement system
  • Partial Inventory system
  • Character movement
  • Physics and partial object interactions
  • Partial Random Furniture Generation
  • Key Card System (for doors)
  • Doors and their respective systems
  • Bug Fixing



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