Boids on PSP

Boids PSP - 03

Sheep – Boids

This is a PSP based example of the Boids AI, similar to my previous Boids work.

I created this application to see how well I could make the Boids Artificial Intelligence run on a PSP. It took some doing and with the PSP’s limitations made it even harder. But the end result speaks for itself, although the PSP can’t handle as many entities as I would have liked it did produce a decent example of the AI.

Role: Everything
Year: 2012
Platform: PSP
Development Time: 1 Month
Team: Myself
Technology: C++, PSP Development kit
Download: Source Code (zip)


  • Coloured teams of Boids (Sheep)
  • Flocking to their own colours (When enabled)
  • Eating opposing team colours, if they are smaller (the bigger ones eat the smaller ones)
  • More smaller ones spawn when being eaten, to help even the odds
  • Team Deathmatch style mode, the AI teams work to try and kill each other, the last colours remaining win… It’s completely random on who wins each time.


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