Ducks Have Feelings (Unity3D)

Ducks have feelings is a small game that was developed as part of a team for Kingston University’s first 24 hour GameJam (2013).

The objective of the game is to try and feed the ducks to the Monster at the end of each level. Feeding larger ducks increases your score, but be careful because overfeeding the ducks can end badly!
To get the ducks to move you need to scare them with your mouse by clicking (They fly away from the mouse).

Award: Best Group Game
Role: Programmer
Year: 2013
Platform: Windows / Web
Development Time: 24 Hours
Team: 5 – 3 x Programmers, 1 x 2D Artist (from USA, via skype) and 1 x GUI Designer
Technology: C#, Unity3D
Download: Ducks Have Feelings (Windows exe) , Ducks Have Feelings (Play in Web Browser)

Key Features:

  • Random Terrain/level generation
  • 7 Levels with progressive difficulty
  • Dozens of Custom Sounds
  • Humours game-play
  • No 3rd party content used

My Contributions:

  • Partial Random floor generation
  • Partial Random cloud generation
  • Difficulty system
  • Sound effects (My voice)
  • GUI, layout and place-holder images
  • Bug fixing


Gameplay Video

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