Swan – Voxel engine prototype (OpenGL/C++)

Procedural Voxel Terrain

Voxel based c++ game that was written by myself and a colleague one summer as our first serious attempt at learning new technologies.
We used it to help us further our experience with C++ and to learn new technologies like OpenGL and PolyVox (Voxel library) and how they can be integrated together to work well with each other.

The engine is capable of generating voxel based terrain with 4 times more capacity than Minecraft.

Role: Programmer
Year: 2012
Platform: PC
Development Time: 3 Months
Team: 2 x Programmers
Technology: C++, OpenGL, PolyVox, Boost library
Download: Windows exe (Zip)

Key Features of the Program:

  • Day/Night cycle
  • In-game console with 20+ commands
  • Particle engine to simulate snow (and rain)
  • Procedural clouds using 2D perlin noise
  • Multi-threading
  • 4 times more voxels on the screen than Minecraft

My Contributions to the project:

  • Voxel engine implementation
  • Infinite Procedural Terrain Generation (Using 3D noise)
  • Multi-threading (Using boost) to speed up the game
  • OpenGL rendering including terrain using VBO’s and VBA’s
  • Debugging System – Logs and ingame messages



*Game may have problems on ATI Hardware (OpenGL issues)

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