The World from above

voXNA ( pronounced vox-N-A) is somewhat of a Minecraft clone, although very basic.

The world is procedurally generated using LibNoise to create height-maps which are then used to populate the voxels. The players are spawned above the ground while the world is loaded and then are dropped down into the world.

Players are represented as wire-frame cubes to other players so that players can see each other. They can break or place blocks in the world as well as enter and exit the game at anytime, with the game adjusting the views of the players to accommodate for split-screen play (up-to 4 players).

Role: Everything
Year: 2012
Platform: Windows
Development Time: 3 Weeks
Team: Myself
Technology: C#, XNA, PolyVox (voxels), LibNoise.Xna (procedural noise generation), Jitter (physics library)
voXNA – Source (zip)
voXNA – Windows (zipped exe) - Requires .NET framework 4.0 and XNA Redistributable 4.0 to run. NOTE: Requires Gamepad to play!


  • 4 Player split-screen co-op
  • Procedural generated terrain
  • Tri-Planar Texturing
  • Breaking and Placing of blocks
  • Multi-Threading – To Improve loading and generation speeds
  • Basic Shadow Mapping



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